Website Help

Need help using the Mary-Kyri Online Shop?

Here are some common questions/issues you may need answers to. If the following Q&A doesn’t help and you require further assistance with using the site or making a purchase, please contact us using the contact form below or the contact page.


I have an enquiry about a particular product  – how do I handle this?

On each Products’ page (not a category view) there is a button entitled “Product enquiry”. Click this button and a popup contact form box  will appear, allowing you to submit an enquiry about the specific product.

Where’s the add to cart button? All I see is “Select Options”?

Before adding to the Cart to make a purchase, we need to know which size you’d like to buy. Please select a shoe size from the dropdown menu on the Products’ individual page.
If you are looking at a list of products; for instance in a Category or the Shop view, you must click on “Select Options” or the Products’ Image, and that will take you to the Products individual page, where you can select sizes. Please note that we keep differing colours of Shoes as separate products to allow easier browsing of coloured shoes.

What are these “Tags” in the sidebar of the shop?

Tags are used to assist with finding shoes based on keyword that describes it’s qualities – these may be materials or features of the shoes, colour, style and more. These tags allow listing products that match the criteria across the entire store.
For example clicking the “Stiletto-Heel” tag will return any stiletto heel shoe in the store, no matter which category it may be in.
The size of the text will be larger for tags that apply to more products.


I think I signed up using the wrong email address – what can I do? 

When first signing up for an account it is important to correctly enter your email address. Your main email address used to login will also be used for sending out Order receipts and Order Status updates.
If you feel you’ve registered using an incorrect email address and have not received your welcome message or order receipt, or can’t log in and can’t perform a password change, please contact us using the form below, or call us for support, and we can re-create your account.
Please note that previous purchases made under an account with an incorrect email may not be available in your new account – however Mary-Kyri will still have a record of your sale, and can supply an invoice if one was not received due to incorrect email.