Tina Arena wears Mary-Kyri shoes for ‘Reset Tour’.

We all adore Tina Arena, she represents Australian music and pop culture.

Her voice has resonated throughout generations from her time as a young girl on Young Talent Time, to her coming of age debut album Strong as Steel, transcending her amazing global success reaching ten times platinum and selling millions of albums globally.

You can only imagine when ‘X Factor’ head stylist Heather Cairns called me and said ‘Tina loves your shoes Mary-Kyri, she will only wear your shoes. She finds them so comfortable, can you please supply Tina with shoes for her ‘Rest Tour’ and red carpet events”.

I was totally gob smacked. I remember watching her as a young girl, inspired by her determination and talent. Of course I immediately said yes and found myself in Tina’s private room backstage before her show for several hours. We talked about everything from life, the music and fashion industry and our families.

She took an interest in me which was evident when she said, “So Mar tell me how’s business”, I told her about a new venture I am launching in 6 weeks called ‘doodlein’ The Ultimate Fashion design Hub www.doodlein.com giving everyone the opportunity to become a designer.

We joked, laughed, she spoke French, we laughed some more.  Then I realised, this woman is so similar to me in so many ways, incredibly strong, opinionated and loves a good challenge. She reminded me of my sister in so many ways, this is how I knew I would just adore this woman.  This woman deserves every inch of her success, she is incredible.

It made me so proud to have her trying on designs from the both the ‘fashion’ and ‘evening and couture’ Mary-Kyri collections. She was beaming with absolute excitement when putting on each pair, walking around, so content and happy at how they looked and made her feel. I felt amazing when she told me they were the most comfortable shoes she had even worn and would only ever wear Mary-Kyri shoes again.

I stayed and watched her concert as she sang the roof off the walls. Her voice is just as beautiful, just as powerful as I remember and even more incredible live.

What she did next made me nearly fall off my chair in disbelief.

“The girl who makes my shoes, she is an Adelaide girl Mary-Kyri, she is a champion”. She showed me such an incredible amount of support, appreciation and care.

What a talent! What a woman! Tina you are insatiable!

See Tina’s Reset tour and red carpet shoe selections below. Click the images and visit our online store.




Mary-Kyri and Tina Arena backstage 'Reset tour'.

Mary-Kyri and Tina Arena backstage ‘Reset tour’.

Jualla gunmetal metallic nappa open toe cutaway pump.

Jualla gunmetal metallic nappa open toe cutaway pump.

Sarafina Black. French Guipure lace Open Toe Trans-seasonal Bootie.

Sarafina Black. French Guipure lace open toe trans-seasonal shoe bootie.

Jorgia gold nappa open toe fine strappy metallic stiletto.

Jorgia gold nappa open toe fine strappy metallic stiletto.

Guilia Black. French Guipure Lace Open Toe Stiletto.

Guilia Black. French Guipure Lace Open Toe Stiletto.

Alla Beige. Nappa leather Open Toe stiletto. Versatile and Fashionable.

Alla Beige. Nappa leather open toe stiletto. Versatile and fashionable.


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