South Australian Art Gallery Restaurant

The SA Art Gallery Restaurant

This morning I decided to visit a friend who had just purchased the South Australian Art Gallery Restaurant, Art Gallery Food + Wine. The surrounding atmosphere and location is so serene, I forgot I was right in the centre of the city. I kicked my legs up, sat back, relaxed and drank a fab cup of coffee while the sun beamed intensely. As I sat in the landscaped gardens of the Art Gallery, the thought crossed my mind, what exactly is art and what does it mean to me?

Art is such a large part of our everyday lives, so important that we tend to overlook it completely. Everything man made that surrounds us has actually been designed by a creative mind being something functional and pleasing to the eyes, being in a constant state of change, meaning something different to each of us.

Art to me is the balance of creative inspiration, soothing my need to explore my passion. It offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with people through their interpretation.

As I strolled through the Art Gallery, my attention was immediately drawn to specific pieces. They were all incredibly dynamic in some way whether it be through the use of colour, structure or design lines, they all related. I think it’s possible that the artistic pieces I found appealing displayed characteristics of my own personality and what I look for in life, they all illustrated strength in one way or another.

Clement Meadmore. Cotter 1970. New York. Cor-ten Steel.

Inge King. Blue and Yellow 1985. Melbourne. Polychrome Steel. Aluminium.

Rollin Schlicht. Indian Red. 1968. Sydney. Synthetic Polymer Paint on Canvas.

Barbara Tribe. Caprice 1935. Sydney. Bronze.