The Amazing and the Average 2015 Met Gala

As always at any red carpet event, only a small number of women can crown the red carpet. It’s important to recognise fashion as art at such events as diversity and creativeness are taken to an entire other level. The theme of the yearly Met Gala is usually showcased throughout many of the gowns worn, however you always get some of the big names taking the opportunity to showcase their assets in something a little ‘different’. This year the theme was ‘Chinese’.

Sarah Jessica Parker displayed the theme in full force with an incredible red flame-inspired headdress designed by Philip Treacy combined with an embroidered one-shoulder black gown she designed in collaboration with H&M. 

Anne Hathaway owned a Ralph Lauren gold hooded dress capturing the Star Wars essence at it’s best.

Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez all exhibited their assets in full form leaving very little to the imagination. Beyonce’s crystallised sheer dress was encrusted with very limited areas exposing every body part possible. Not that we’re complaining Bey! It was almost a rivalry on the red carpet for ‘barely there’ gowns.

The golden girls included Rosie-Huntington Whiteley, Kate Hudson and Jessica Chastain, who all wore form fitting sheath silhouettes.

My pick for the night….. Gigi Hadid, sexy, chic and still kept the mystery in place with only a hint of cleavage. For a young lady, she carried herself very well.

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