Talk To Me

What is your relationship to fashion?

Fashion allows me to explore and test the boundaries of my creativity. I have an absolute ball exploring contrasting effects, colours, harmonious flows and the perfect balance in creating the perfect pair of shoes.

What inspires you creatively?

Many things! It can be something so minimal or so significant. Inspiration is found in how you depict something, it’s what you see. The world’s natural beauty, the ocean, colour, Astrology, Mythical Greek Gods. I love architecture, a passion that I share with my mother and grew up exploring. I always seem to find unique design lines in both simplistic and creative structures.

What is your most favorite task?

I love and appreciate the sourcing and design area of my work. This is when I have the opportunity to seek and find anything in which my heart desires.

What is your least favorite task?

The constant organization of logistics. For a creative person, this can be quite dull!

Who is your role model and why?

My mother Joan Pallaras. She has endured some of the hardest things life has thrown at her and still with all the pain and heartache she always holds her head high, her heart filled with happiness, her eyes with passionate sight and loves so intensely. I love you mum, thank you for being my biggest support and fan.

Do you have a personal motto you live your life by?

“View the world through passionate eyes, it is so much more colourful”, Mary-Kyri.

What has been your greatest achievement in life to date?

I have had many achievements consisting of renowned celebrities wearing Mary-Kyri, appearances on TV shows, awards and the entry of MK shoes into international markets. However I would have to say on a spiritual level, at this time in my life I believe my greatest achievement is being at absolute peace within myself, mind, body and soul all in sync. It has allowed me to view the world differently that has changed my demeanor and perspective. With this has come the journey and development of a new exciting online project for me to be launch in May 2013.

What empowers you?

The world’s greatest female icons who have revolutionized the way for the rest of us following.

Knowing that one day I will do something amazing for the world, something that will help others within their lives, place a smile on their faces and a joy within their hearts.

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt in life?

Learning the skill of how to read people and understanding the difference between the opportunistic and the gentle souls.

Your best piece of advice?

Live your life according to your passions and dreams, don’t ever alter these for anyone, you are not the same person.