New York’s Hottest Street Style

Undoubtedly New York has some of the world’s greatest fashion designers lurking within it’s streets. So it comes as no surprise that New Yorks street style absolutely rocks the charts!

The women are exceptionally dressed, displaying the latest trends and fashions seen on the runways of the world’s most elite designers. Their outfits harmoniously flow between colour, fabrics and design. I am in love!

One key factor I absolutely adore…..their incredible choice in footwear. Create similar stiletto looks, Mary-Kyri’s unique high quality stilettos online

Stilettos rocking to the heavens, totally coordinate perfectly with their handbag and jewellery accessories. I am seriously starting to think the runways are now on the streets.

instead of the catwalks. It seems Anna Wintour Chief Editor of Vogue USA is setting a great example. Could these women on the streets of New York actually be styling their outfits better than the stylists who coordinate fashion weeks biggest catwalks?

We want to hear what you think.

Diaz: Nappa Leather snake Print Bootie.

Diaz: Nappa Leather snake Print Bootie.

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