My Top 5 Designers

Everyone has their top 10 list of the world’s greatest designers. My list features the following designers because I believe their collections all exude class, sex appeal and fit the female form incredibly. Attention to detail is so important in the fashion industry. I believe the success is always in the detail. The rest always follows. Check out below my best of the best.


Coco Chanel

I love that when I read about CoCo Chanel, she was always inspired and passionate about something. Cocos designs exude the perfect line between simplicity and elegant detailed features. Chanel collections are always very classy, empowering and were constructed to accentuate the most flattering curves of a woman’s physique. My thought is she always designed clothing exactly the way we thought women should be dressed, classic, and beautiful. My favourite thing about Coco, women wore her designs, the designs did not wear the women, she respected that a woman shines first and the outfit follows. I agree with her most famous quote as it has inspired me to always do whatever I feel in my heart, no matter how foreign or unique it may be, ‘‘ In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different’’, Co Co Chanel.

Co Co Chanel Runway shots

Tom Ford

What can I say about Tom Ford, the guy is just as sexy as hell and this is certainly portrayed in his collections. It’s like all his sex appeal transfers to the clothing as soon as he touches them. Tom Ford’s style essence is creating and introducing glamour into main stream ready to wear collections. He understands how to create opulence and fascination in fashion without surpassing the border of being unconventional. Whilst his garments are unique, they can be worn to many different events and in many different ways. Every time I wear a Tom Ford garment, I seriously feel like nothing has got anything on me, I feel unstoppable.

Tom-Ford Runway Shots


Over the past 13 years, Gucci has reflected the same feel and essence as Tom Ford’s collections. The reason is, Tom re-created Gucci as Creative Director years ago, bringing the fashion house back from the dark. The collections display the most amazing colour palettes which work harmoniously together yet contrast at the same time. I find the combination of dynamic lines, contrasting colours and exceptional fit to be the fashion houses signature. Women look totally empowered and fashion forward when wearing Gucci.

Gucci Runway Shots



I appreciate the clean lines, opulent fabrics and colours that Prada injects into their collections, making them versatile yet totally extravagant at the same time. Prada is the epitomy of Italian fashion boasting incredibly sleek lines and craftsmanship that exudes an aura of luxury. I believe this has become their signature.

Prada Runway Shots


Ah the French, seductive yet forward! Givenchy displays collections that tell a beautiful story. I love how in one outfit, one garment is so fashion forward to take centre stage, yet the accompanying garment is quite simplistic only displaying a very small feature. Givenchy collections are never over worked however they are incredibly unique. It’s never hard to spot a Givenchy outfit.

Givenchy Runway Shots