My Top 5 Best Shoe Designs

Picking my favourite shoe designs is like trying to find a diamond in the ocean, hundreds of pairs and love for them all. I guess I think of shoe designs like different personalities, some bold, some conservative, some dynamic and others unique. So how do I pick my favourite? Some days I dress conservative, other days I love bold, fabulous colours and every other day I opt for dynamic figure flattering designs. My selection is probably based on how unique the design is, what leathers and colours are featured and lastly if the design is a directional or basic.

The Elisav is a favourite of mine as it was one of the very first designs I ever created. This baby has been with me from the very start, we truly have grown together. It has become the signature design of Mary-Kyri, being selected by international celebrities around the globe including Kylie Minogue. It is timeless, elegant and totally a la chic. Every time I wear the Elisav, women stop me on the streets. I never tire of that.

The Lovai is what I call ‘subtle diamonds’ as it shimmers when the light hits the leather. The leather actually has a mercury beading applied to the layer. Simplistic in design, intricate in leather, always a perfect balance.

The Sarafina and Guilia are both designs currently available in the Evening and Bridal Couture collection. These designs have the most exquisite French Guipure Lace applied, it’s sheer and totally divine. Both designs are perfect for day wear, evening wear and any other occasion where a classy show stopper stiletto is in order.  In white they are absolutely beautiful as a wedding shoe. I tend to wear the Sarafina in both warmer and colder seasons as it incredibly versatile. I love the look of an open toe sheer bootie with a mini dress, shorts or high waisted skirts as the Sarafina gives any outfit that spunk and absolute edge. Visit the shop to see available sizing

Lastly, the Diaz is one of those unique beauties, there is absolutely nothing like it! The leather is stamped nappa and feels so soft and beautiful. When I wear the Diaz, it feels like my shoes are non existent on my feet, that’s how amazing the leather is. In warmer months I tend to unzip the front and detach the ankle strap opting for an open bootie look. These little darlings are totally hot with stockings for Winter and bare legs for Summer. Visit the shop to see available sizing

To explain just how much I love the above designs, I own 3 to 5 pairs of each, some in different colours and others in the one colour. That should pretty much explain my shoe addiction in one sentence. After all, us ladies need our little diamonds on the end of our pins!