MK’s Oasis

Palm Cove

Recently I travelled up to the very beautiful Palm Cove. As I walking through the streets, I discovered Palm Cove to be a very boutique like fashionable hub filled with fabulous restaurants, esplanade views, creative local talents and great shopping. Definitely my type of place. My days were spent tanning, relaxing, shopping and walking or driving around to discover the lushious green areas surrounding the Cove. Every morning I woke with a great sense of satisfaction and ease, almost like I was floating in the clouds. One highlight for me was visiting the Palm Cove Zoo, it was here that I held and met my new lady friend ‘Lily the Koala’.

The Sea Temple Resort was incredible, different to the Port Douglas location, yet totally beautiful. I found so many little hub areas that i fell in love with at the Sea Temple, either under a secluded banana tree where I sat with my daily coffee writing my autobiography or in the pool under the bridge. My most favourite times were when it was so humid yet pouring with rain. I almost felt cleansed and totally rejuvenated. These are the times I feel inspired to create, develop concepts and designs. I designed the scolloped lace pattern at the back of the Jualla design from my Evening and Bridal Couture Collection. Upon my return I crafted and created it! To me this is beauty, not perfect yet very unique!

This time of year with my family is another year passing creating fabulous new memories together! If only every day could be this blissful!

Sea Temple Resort & Spa Port Douglas

I am so fortunate that I have career which has seen me travel many oceans and so many amazing beautiful places and cities in our world. As much as I appreciate the creative talent and abilities displayed in man made buildings, there is just something about the serene surroundings and wonders of mother natures beauty. For me, my oasis is about getting away from absolutely everything, a place to recollect my thoughts, re-evaluate my life and have my mind, body and soul at absolute peace in sync with one another. Every year I spend one week at the Sea Temple Spa and Resort Port Douglas. The Sea Temple exercises high quality service in absolutely everything from their chefs creating amazing meals at their restaurant, greetings combined with large smiles when walking anywhere on the grounds and the maintaining of rooms. A one week family holiday with my husband, mother, father (before), sister, brother in law and nieces. Our time is spent totally chilling out, having massages, drinking exotic fruit cocktails, dining at every restaurant in town, long walks, horse riding on the beach and of course sunbaking to sport an absolute killer tan!

One of the reasons The Sea Temple will always be such a massive part of my memories is my husband proposed to be in the rain forest on Four Mile Beach just outside our villa at the Sea Temple. We were walking hand in hand through the rain forest heading for the beach when I turned around and found him on bendon knee with a box open and a beautiful gleaming ring.

I most certainly will always return to the Sea Temple and highly recommend it for every one looking for their own oasis, it certainly is mine!