MK Tips for Larger Shoe Sizes

Being a shoe designer, I constantly have women ask me, ‘Where do I find fashionable shoes for large feet?’ Truth is large sizes are usually created if the designer and production team have a vision to create footwear for all shapes and sizes and understand that with each generation we are getting bigger in size.

I see many designer labels only producing up to a size 40, which varies slightly in sizing depending on the mould of the shoes utilised, usually it is between a size 9 – 9.5.

Many women fall into the size category between size 37 – 39 in Australia. But how about all the others? At Mary-Kyri, when we go into production for a design, we always produce sizing up to size 43. These days with the wonderful use of social media, we are able to gain feedback from our customers directly on sizing for productions, quantities and design.

Women with larger feet tend to want to make their foot look smaller.

Here are some tips on how to achieve this:

Ensure you wear the correct shoe size. Try a size up or down, there usually is little variance between a size and in most cases you will vary in sizing between different brands. Shoes that don’t fit correctly always draw attention for the wrong reasons.

Colour can either emphasize your feet or make them appear smaller. Darker colours such as navy, black, gunmetal grey, deeper reds and dark greens will always slim any part of the body.

Don’t wear shoes that are too tight across the foot as this will cut off your circulation and usually swell your feet making them appear wider and larger in size, not to mention look incredibly uncomfortable.

Point toe shoes will give you an added length, therefore if you are wanting to minimize the length of your foot, select designs that have a round or oval toe shape.

The design you select should be proportional to your body and frame. Select designs that suit your ankles, leg widths and shapes. Such as if you have shorter legs with wider ankles, it’s best not to buy shoes that have ankle straps. This will cut the length of your legs off and make you appear even shorter and wider. Instead select a pump, peep toe or mule without ankle straps so you don’t add focus to the wrong areas.

Avoid overly thin strappy shoes as there is not much material covering your foot, therefore your foot will become the focus and seem larger. The key is to select shoes that are not to chunky with thick detailing or too thin. Find the perfect medium. Avoid shoes that strap over the arch of your foot. Chunky shoes will make your feet appear larger.

Flat shoes such as thongs, ballet flats and sneakers will make your feet look larger. Every man will love me for saying this, high heels actually make all feet appear smaller due to the decline of the foot. They also make our bottoms appear 25% smaller.

Adopt a confident attitude about your foot size. It’s your shoe size, own it! Like anything if you try to hide it, it appears so much worse.

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