Mary-Kyri on Reality Series

Have you ever thought what your life would be like as a reality series? I never really considered such a thing, not until recently when I read an article in my states newspaper that said I would make a great addition to the reality saga that has taken the world by storm. I found myself thinking, ‘could I actually work the hectic crazy schedules I do in the world of fashion being surrounded by cameras constantly?’ My answer to myself was, ‘yes and why not’. What would it really require of me? Really asides from keeping the audience constantly entertained and to be very honest I don’t believe this is going to be an issue for me.

My life is really filled predominantly with two things: my family and my life in the fashion industry. In truth, some times they collide due to the amount of travel I do and hours I work, yet I always find time for my very crazy entertaining family and friends. I guess it offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with people, to show them the inside of my world, what it takes to release and maintain both a highly fashion high end designer shoe label, an affordable funky shoe label and launch the new fashion website Doodlein, one that I know will break every boundary in fashion around the globe. I would hope that I could inspire women to believe in themselves as those who have inspired me. I would hope I generate a self confidence, a faith that will encourage others to set out and conquer their own dreams. Maybe it’s time I stepped in front of the camera!

Theona and Mary-Kyri Pallaras
My sister Theona (right) and I. Action!

Theona and Mary-Kyri Pallaras 2
My sister Theona (right) and I. A portrait of Mah!