How Does Footwear Affect Your Mood?

Does your footwear affect your mood?

It’s a relevant question. Many of you may have seriously given it some thought, probably when you can feel your feet pulsating when wearing a terrible pair of heels.

Before I launched my own shoe label, my husband (then he was my boyfriend) used to always buy me shoes on a monthly basis. He seriously got his kicks out of watching the way my character changed, noticing a difference in my demeanour. The second I took off my flip flops and placed my foot in a banging pair of stilettos everything changed, my mood, my walk, the way I communicated, my self confidence, everything! Heels elongate our physique and actually make our bottoms appear 25% smaller due to a more lithe, taller physical appearance. It was then that I realised I totally strut when I wear heels, I feel sexy, I feel attractive, I feel like a woman should…in absolute control exuding a crazy level of confidence.

Many of my VIPS send me monthly emails telling me how Mary-Kyri Shoes make them feel amazing and more confident whilst still being incredibly comfortable. I love when my brides tell me they lasted their entire wedding day in their mary-Kyri Shoes. When I created my self titled shoe label, my goal was to design exceptionally unique, fashion forward stilettos that were comfortable and easy to wear without pain. For me the perfect pair of shoes services both areas, fabulous in design and softness for days.

Recently I saw a young woman wearing these ridiculously high stilettos that she could not walk in. With every step the pain flinched in her face as she walked around uncomfortably. I would assume her night was not so enjoyable due to the amount of pain and blisters she was experiencing. How many nights have been ruined or you have had to sit down mid way because your heels are rubbing painfully, creating blisters or are to tight?

A note to my ladies, you can buy incredibly gorgeous stilettos that look like absolute ‘sex on legs’ and are incredibly comfortable to wear. It’s worth investing a little extra to buy shoes that feel incredible and enjoy every bit of your room stopping evening! Next time you purchase a pair of heels, if they are painful within the first ten minutes or you are walking incredibly awkward in them, I suggest trading them in (sell them on Gumtree) and purchase a pair that feels like your wearing a pair of slippers. If you want serious comfort you need to try Mary-Kyri Shoes.

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If your not enjoying moments like these, it's time to change your footwear!

If your not enjoying moments like these, it’s time to change your footwear!

I can certainly strut like hell, i'm wearing Mary-Kyri Shoes. I call these my slippers.

I can certainly strut like hell. I’m wearing Mary-Kyri Shoes. I call these fab stilettos my slippers.

Enjoying great times. I'm wearing comfortable shoes!

Enjoying great times. I’m wearing comfortable shoes!

Fun times, I spent the night dancing and playing dress-ups!

Fun times, I spent the night dancing and playing dress-ups!