Greatest Loves

There are many things I love in life, the ocean, snow, New York City, laughter, the list goes on, however undoubtedly my greatest love of all is my family.

The incredible loyalty that lies between us is unlike anything I have witnessed or experienced anywhere else. My worries becomes theirs, their worries become mine! We stand as one always. To explain it clearly, we all live very separate lives although we share a big part of each other, however we laugh together, we cry together, we accomplish together!

I truly believe you become what your surrounded by, your first life’s experiences as a child. For this reason it is so important to love with your entire heart, cherish with your soul and laugh with pure delight, as this is what becomes your world, the formation of your personality, it shapes your idealisms in life and what you believe to be acceptable in your journeys.

I have so many memories of my family laughing over crazy things, the way we banter and bounce of each others personalities, debate or argue, it is most certainly always filled with passion. Whether it be at the family dinner table, at a function or on holiday together, there is never a dull moment, it would seriously make good reality TV.

As a child my mother and father told me I could always achieve anything my heart desires and that the only limitations I will experience is those I place upon myself. Everyday they told me how much they loved and adored me, the passion they showed me burns strong within me. Appreciate this minute, the next hour and today, we never know what life will bring and when, so spend your time with the people you call family and who makes you laugh and your heart sing.

My motto, “View the world through passionate eyes, everything becomes so much more colourful.”