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Tina Arena wears Mary-Kyri 'Jorgia'

Tina Arena Wears Mary-Kyri

We all have our favourite Australian celebrities, an national talent icon. Hands down Australia produces some of the best talent in the world in creative industries. In my world I have always thought of Tina Arena as an incredible artist, one that shows a wonderful ability to connect with her audience, to take them on […]

Havana Brown

MK on Havana, Nappa and the X-Factor

It’s been a few incredible months for dressing celebrities. Mary-Kyri Shoes have been in major demand. Our babies have recently graced the feet of the very amazing Tina Arena for her new album photo shoot, Havana Brown’s blazing guest appearance on the X-Factor and the talented X-Factor contestants Joelle Hadjia and Jacinta Gulisano from 3rd […]

Collette Dinnigan

MK on Collette Dinnigan

In fashion there are the good, the greats and the simply amazing! So when the simply amazing tend to shut shop, I  feel there is a massive hole in the fashion industry. Recently I landed in Sydney to meet with one of the greatest Australian fashion talents of all time, Collette Dinnigan, only to hear […]

Latest Designs for the Latte Generation

Your outfit says so much about your personality, and when trying to fit into a new workplace, sometimes projecting the right image to your colleagues using your attire can be difficult. Don’t be too loud – blend in with the grande latte crowd with ‘discrete office camouflage’. Sensible, hardwearing, classy yet vanilla designs to make […]

Why do Women love high heels so much?

Why do women love high heel shoes so much? Is it that high heels elongate our physique, makes us taller or shrink our bottoms by 25%? Its most certainly all those things. I cannot think of any woman who would not like to be slimmer and taller. In my opinion a woman’s love affair with […]

MK Tips for Larger Shoe Sizes

Being a shoe designer, I constantly have women ask me, ‘Where do I find fashionable shoes for large feet?’ Truth is large sizes are usually created if the designer and production team have a vision to create footwear for all shapes and sizes and understand that with each generation we are getting bigger in size. […]

Mary-Kyri on Reality Series

Have you ever thought what your life would be like as a reality series? I never really considered such a thing, not until recently when I read an article in my states newspaper that said I would make a great addition to the reality saga that has taken the world by storm. I found myself […]

South Australian Art Gallery Restaurant

The SA Art Gallery Restaurant

This morning I decided to visit a friend who had just purchased the South Australian Art Gallery Restaurant, Art Gallery Food + Wine. The surrounding atmosphere and location is so serene, I forgot I was right in the centre of the city. I kicked my legs up, sat back, relaxed and drank a fab cup […]