Calling All Aspiring Designers.

The fashion industry is absolutely booming, everyone wants to become a creator of something. If your an aspiring designer, here are some seriously important qualities to ensure you don’t bomb out along the way!

Highly Creative
Don’t be afraid to be unique, none takes notice of the norm! As a fashion designer, it’s your role to create, inspire and be on the cutting edge of fashion.

Strong Drawing Skills
Drawing skills allows you to sketch your design prior to the sampling process.

An Eye for Fabric
Colour and texture can make a design incredibly unique. Always select a colour that compliments the garment bringing it’s features to life.

Sewing Skills
It always helps if you understand how a garment is put together. This assists you in your design process.

Knowledge of Your Industry
Learn about trends, silhouettes, styling and looks so you can produce collections in demand.

Great fashion designers can visualise a garment on the body before creating it. It’s important to see the product before producing it.

Business Sense
A great fashion designer has excellent business skills. Understand different aspects to your business, it’s not just about design, thats the easy part.

Sense of Competition
Be better than your competition but always try to improve yourself to develop innovative high quality designs.